Can You Perform Garage Door Replacements Yourself?

Can You Perform Garage Door Replacements Yourself

Few things are more inconvenient than a malfunctioning garage door. You use it every day to get in and out of your house numerous times a day, and if it breaks down, you might end up stranded inside or outside the garage.

Given the enormity of the inconvenience a damaged garage door can cause, you may be thinking if garage door replacements are something you can do yourself. After all, there are lots of online tutorials that walk you through all you need to know, right?

That’s not the case. Below, we’ll explain three reasons why it’s best to leave garage door replacement to the professionals. Contact Arizona Garage Door Guru if you need replacement in Phoenix City or the nearby areas!

Three Reasons You Should Call a Garage Door Replacement Company

  • Safety – To begin with, it’s usually better to contact a garage door business rather than attempt repairs yourself because malfunctioning garage doors might be dangerous. Both a spring cracking and a door abruptly collapsing can result in significant harm, if not death. Not to mention the plethora of additional issues that might arise as a result of attempting to repair the door yourself.

There’s also your family’s safety to think about. There’s no way to know if you’ve done the job correctly if you handle the repairs yourself. You don’t want the garage door to break while you’re driving or someone else is inside.

  • Parts – Aside from safety issues, calling a garage door business for repairs is a smart option since they will have access to the parts needed to correctly repair the door. Many garage door components require specialist parts that must be purchased through a supplier, and if you don’t have them on hand, you’ll likely have to wait just as long (if not longer) for a shipment to arrive at your house as you would for a repair visit. As we said before, engaging a qualified expert will guarantee that the components are handled, installed, and quality tested for long-term usage.

Results – Repairs, on the surface, appear to fix one problem. the fact that your garage door isn’t working properly. They are, however, actually resolving all of the difficulties that a damaged garage door causes. The difficulties you face will vary depending on your situation, but one of the most prevalent issues we hear from our clients is wasted time. For example, parents may spend extra time scraping and warming up their cars in the winter months before they can drive their children to school.

  • or leave for work; if they live in an area lacking street parking, they may have to park many blocks away from their house.


If you put your safety worries aside and attempt the repairs yourself. Then you’ll still be devoting time and energy to the project, which will take time away from your hobbies, family, and personal downtime. Furthermore, if the repairs are only temporary and there is extra damage that you can’t detect on your own, you’ll either have to invest more time learning something new or simply call a garage door repair specialist. As a result, you find yourself in a lose-lose scenario, having committed both time and money to the task.


At Arizona garage door guru, we believe that contacting a professional right away is the most effective method to ensure that your garage door is repaired promptly and correctly.

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