Garage Door Panel Sizes – Garage Door Replacement in Phoenix

Garage Door Panel Replacement in Phoenix

Garage Door Panel Sizes

Where do you start when contemplating how to redesign or build a detached garage?

You can imagine the style and color that will correlate with that of your home.

There are also the mechanics and opening systems that you will have to research to identify the best brand that fits you.

While these will take some discussion with a professional or a contractor, you can start with something as basic as garage door panel sizes or what size garage door you will need to best fit your lifestyle.Garage Door Panel

 Garage Door Panel Sizes

In general, the measurements for garage door widths range from 8-to-18 feet.

Customized garage doors can go up to 20+ feet to accommodate a three or four-car garage. In terms of height, garage doors will customarily be about seven feet tall and can be as high as 10 feet.

Car Garage Doors

Depending on the number of cars you own, you will also need to determine if you need one single door, two single doors, a double door, or a combination of these.

For homeowners who only have one car, it is only necessary to have a single door garage, which will be about 8-to-10 feet wide.

Those who are customizing their garage to fit two or more cars have many options.

Garages that are holding two cars have the option of either two single garage doors that are about 10 feet each or a wide double garage door about 16-to-18 feet. People who opt for two single garage doors generally do so for aesthetics.

However, having two single garage doors can be a nuisance for two reasons.

First, the extra gap between the doors will allow more cold air to enter the garage, which can damage your car when living in extremely cold weather conditions.

The second reason people run into problems with two single doors is the extra motor and other accessories that are needed to be installed or purchased.

Homes with two or more cars will need a double garage door that will usually be about 18 feet wide.

One wide double garage door will allow more insulation to keep the cars at a comfortable temperature.

Also, with only one garage door you will just need one motor to accommodate the garage system as a whole.

RV Garage Doors

As previously mentioned, the highest standard garage door will measure up to will be about 10 feet tall.

It is possible, however, to customize a door to adjust to the height of a Recreational Vehicle (RV).

Garages that are specifically made to fit RV’s will need a garage door which is about 14 feet wide and 16 feet tall.

As long as the RV doesn’t have any special customizations like a lift or any appendages that stick out too much, the standards for RV garage doors should fit perfectly.

In Conclusion

Whether you are building a detached garage from the bottom up or you plan on redesigning your current connected garage doors, the basic measurements of garage door panel sizes is a good place to start.

You can measure your current garage opening yourself and get the right fitting door for you.

Asking a professional on which garage door sizes and styles are best for you is always recommended.