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Garage Door Stuck on One Side

Garage Door Stuck on One Side

Imagine coming home after a long day only to find that your garage door isn’t working as it should.

Your garage door can get jammed for a wide range of reasons.

If your garage door stuck on one side, here are some garage door items you should inspect and their possible fixes.

Garage Door Stuck on One Side

Are you having problems with your garage door?

If it is stuck on one side, this article will give you just the solution.

From a broken garage spring to an off-track garage, this article will give you tips to fix your stuck garage door.

Lodged Garage Door Track

A jammed garage door can result from something as simple as an obstruction in the track.

Check to see if there’s anything lodged in the track that could be preventing the door from opening or closing fully.

You can quickly fix the issue by removing the object from the track.

Dirty tracks can also cause the door to jam.

You can clean the tracks with an alcohol-soaked rag.

Exercise caution when cleaning as the metal edges can be sharp.

It also helps to check the tracks for bumps, warping, or dents.

You can fix any dents or bumps by placing a wooden block against the track and knocking it with a hammer.

If the track appears too damaged to bend back into shape, hire a garage door specialist to replace the track and conduct any other necessary maintenance.

Make Sure Your Garage Door Isn’t Locked

Some garage doors feature a “full lock” system that enables anyone to lock the garage door from the outside just by turning a handle.

This means that anyone could have turned the handle and unknowingly locked the door, causing it to jam as you try to open it.

All you need to do in this case is to unlock the garage door and things should be back to normal.

Broken Garage Door Springs

Check whether your garage door springs are broken.

There are two different types of springs. If the springs are located on either side of the door, they’re referred to as extension springs.

Check to see whether the springs are hanging on the side of the garage door which indicates that they are broken.

Springs located horizontally at the top of the garage door are referred to as torsion springs.

You’ll know they’re broken if there’s a gap between the springs.

Replacing garage door springs can be dangerous so be sure to hire professionals for the job.

Garage Door Is Off Track

Your garage door may drop out of its guide track when you try to open or close the door too quickly or open or close the door from one side rather than in the middle.

Check the garage door rollers to confirm that they’re on the track.

You also want to confirm that the garage door panels are not damaged.

Damaged panels need to be repaired or replaced.

Similarly, rollers that are off track need to be put back on the track by a professional.

Repairing your damaged garage door can be extremely dangerous.

As such, don’t attempt to fix the garage door stuck on one side unless you know what you’re doing.

If you’re in doubt, seek professional help from The Guru!