How to Adjust Auto Reverse on Garage Doors

How to Adjust Auto Reverse on Garage Doors

How to Adjust Auto Reverse on Garage Doors

The auto-reverse on your garage door is a safety measure that could prevent many kinds of injuries.

The system is there to ensure the garage door retracts when it meets with an obstacle.How to Adjust Auto Reverse on Garage Doors

You have seen the mechanism at work on the days when you wake up in the morning and the garage door is open.

In this post, we aim to give you information on how to adjust auto-reverse on garage doors.

How to Adjust Auto Reverse on Garage Doors

If you have been irked by your garage’s failing efficiency, it’s time to do something about it.

Let’s explore the solutions together.How to Adjust Auto Reverse on Garage Doors

The Equipment

The mechanism often fails over simple fixes that don’t need much.

All you need for this is a screwdriver and a step ladder.

Before you can start work on the garage door, it is important that you refrain from doing any serious repairs without the directions of a professional.

You could easily worsen the problem if you should misalign any other parts as you repair the auto-reverse system.How to Adjust Auto Reverse on Garage Doors

Professionals are trained to deal with garage door cables, insulation, and other issues that may arise.

How to Adjust the Auto Reverse on Your Garage Door:

Find the opener controls

The first thing to do before anything else is to find the controls.

Sometimes, the problem may only be about the controls and nothing serious at all.

Get on a stepladder to get to the main section of the garage door opener’s motor.

Here is where the controls are located for most garage door models.

The setting you want to adjust is the closing-force adjustment.

By fiddling with the screw or knob, you can adjust the closing force.How to Adjust Auto Reverse on Garage Doors

Change opener settings 

The problem may be that the door does not respond to the right amount of force to reverse.

The knob you turn will adjust the amount of force. Move the screw one quarter in the counterclockwise direction.

If you want the amount of force increased, you should turn the knob clockwise.

Test the resistance force for your garage door as many times as you need until you are satisfied with the settings.

You can always save yourself the trouble of adjusting the settings multiple times by just getting a professional to do it for you.

Test how the door closes

Now that you have adjusted the force for the auto-reverse feature, you ought to make sure the door closes all the way down with no objections.

Check whether there is a gap between the floor and the door.

If it reverses by itself, it also needs to be readjusted.

Get an Expert as Soon as You Can 

You may try to fix the door unsuccessfully but you shouldn’t insist on a trial and error approach.

Get a professional garage repair service to take care of any garage door malfunctions that need specialized tools to correct.

Your garage door will develop some problems, and it helps to know what to do about some of these issues.

Now that you know how to adjust auto-reverse on garage doors, ensure that your garage door is not a safety hazard to you and your family.